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Basically the same stuff that you can hear on every other TCG, but I'll say it anyway. TCGs (Trading Card Games) are basically what they're called. You aim to trade cards with other people. On most offline TCGs (Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc...), you have a special game to play, and you trade cards to strenghten your deck and become "the best". Well, online TCGs are about collecting more than playing a special game, although online TCGs have wider themes and can have special games of their own. You aim to collect certain decks, and you trade and earn cards to get the ones that you need to complete your deck.


Athenian is based around the women of video games and anime. It is mainly directed towards the strong (and usually leading) women of video games, although it does try to stretch further.


The forum is a pretty important part of Athenian, and you probably won't get far without it since it has all your forms and exchanges there, as well as some easy ways to get cards (as an example, getting cards for giving your input on some ideas).


The general story to stick to here is that Athenian is the name of an female-oriented assassination company with great assassins and not-so-great staff. (Men are allowed, but the few there are aren't that popular) You are one of the newer assassins, while the better assassins are the women of the games and anime.

Deck Types

Athenian has six deck types, Femme, A-Cards, Prize Cards, Assassin, Month, Special

Femme Decks | Worth 1
The main cards you will get in Athenian. They are 20-card puzzle decks of a character. On it is the deck name, character name, series, and deck color. There are six possible colors they can be categorized into (categorized meaning that same-color decks do NOT all have the same color. If you looked at all the "Pink" decks, you'll see light pink, magenta, and even lavender and purple). The six colors are Orange, Red, Grey, Pink, Blue, and Green.

A-Card Sets | Worth 1
These 15-card sets are basically the Assassin Deck version of Femme decks. They are the type of cards that are normally common in Character decks of most other TCGs. These are only optional sets for pre-made Femme Decks, and have the same name as Femme cards, except have "a-" (Spira femme card vs Spira a-card)

Assassin Decks | Worth 1
Assassin decks are the make-a-decks of Athenian. It will be a very common thing, and they'll have their own section. They will be in circulation with A-Cards in their masterable sets (usually 15 cards a set). So, we can have 29 cards and only have 01-15 in randomizers.

Month Decks | Worth 1
20-card puzzle decks in partial desaturation (dull, almost greyed out colors). They feature decks available for only the specific month, and are usually made for events or anniversaries during that month.

Special Decks | Worth 2
Decks made from multiple 9-card sets for the same thing. While the sets are different, the deck names are the same, but with continuous numbers, so Set 1 will be 01-09, Set 2 will be 10-18, etc. Depending on the purpose of the deck (e.g: deadfantasy is just for interest, but milestone is for reaching a personal milestone), some decks are circulated in a special card randomizer, and some are only available at certain times.

Locked Special Decks
There will be certain special sets that will be locked to members. You may receive their cards through trading, but you cannot get them for choice special cards, or as prizes for anything with random uncirculated specials. To unlock them, you must do a specific obvious task. (Ex: For Milestone Set 1, made for Prejoin, you must be a prejoiner to unlock. For Trials Set 1, made for the first Free Trial, you must have participated in that trial.) SETS are unlocked, not decks, so if you do not participate in the first Free Trials, but decided to join the second one, you will be able to get cards from Trials Set 02, but not Trials Set 01. If something happens and you are able to master a deck you have not unlocked, you will have that which unlocks it, but have no past perks of it. EX: If you are not a prejoiner, but master Milestone Set 01, you will gain prejoin status, and be able to receive any future perks, if they are given, but you may not receive all the freebies from prejoin, nor any perks given before you became a prejoiner.

Prize Cards | Worth 2
A short special set for some femme decks (usually made with A-Cards). There is a color, gold, and platinum card for each. They are only recieved for certain things, and while they are all the same worth, platinum cards are harder to get than gold, and gold harder than color, but never by a lot.


As you may already know there are six possible colors for a Femme deck. Which means it's no surprise that there's over six icons to use. There are 10. Each of the six color icons will get you a random femme card for one, and a choice one for two. You can only get femme cards from those. The other four icons, which look different, are for a choice card of that type. Normal cards mean Femme, Assassin, and A-Cards.

Starter Packs

You need to start off with some cards, right? You will recieve your starter pack right after your form is sent. Basically, you'll recieve the following:
  • Three Choice-Deck Femme Cards
  • Three Random Femme Cards
  • Two Random A-Cards
  • One Random Month Card
  • One Random Color Card
  • One Random Special Card

TCG Posts

Your TCG post is, of course, where all of your cards go. It has to be an open website. No Friends Only Livejournals, Private Myspaces or anything. Any member should be able to see it. It must have all of the following:
  • A link (text or button/banner) to Athenian.
  • A frequently updated log (at least be updated once a month, unless on hiatus)
  • An easy-to-find form or explaination on how to contact and/or trade with you.
  • If you have had to make updates without updating your page, make a Page Last Updated note, or something.
  • A badge showing your official level.
  • A Card and Card Worth count


While trading definitely won't be the main source of earning cards, it'll probably be the main source of mastering decks. You offer a trade to someone. A card that they probably want or need for a card that you want/need. They must be of the same worth. With a Special card, you can either trade for another Special card, or for 2 normal cards.

Remember: You MUST take down your old card(s) after trading it away.


Mastering a deck is when you collect all cards in that deck. The rewards depend on the type of deck you're using. You can send in your masteries in the appropriate forum.


Levels basically tell how active you are. It's dependent on your card worth. Leveling up gets you cards to get you closer to your next level. Whenever you can get to the next level, you can get your level up rewards by posting in the Level-Ups board on the forum.

Athenian has seven normal levels, and a special eighth level. Idea credits are on the credits page.

Level Card Worth
One 1-49
Two 50-149
Three 150-299
Four 300-499
Five 500-749
Six 750-1049
Seven 1050-1399
Fatal(e) 1400+ & Requirements


The eighth level Fatale is the highest level you can reach at Athenian. You must, as stated, have at least 1400 cards to go to that level, as well as fufilling some requirements.

The requirements are:
- Mastered 4 Femme Decks
- Completely master (Femme Deck, A-Card Set, and Prize Card Set) 1 deck
- Mastered 1 Month Card for each month
- Mastered 1 Special Set

After becoming a Fatale, you will have special jobs and will be allowed to recieve special packages and games.

Earning Cards

Athenian has multiple ways to earn cards. Freebies, games, and events are the main ways to earn them.

Playing games is the main way to earn cards. There are games updated weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly, as well as having some ongoing games, which are edited a certain time.

Contests are small competitions between members. They will be very common, possibly regular, and will last anywhere between a week and a month.

Events are kind of rare, but their rewards are much greater than the games and contests.

Freebies come in different types. During holidays, special site events, and even when I feel in the mood, there will be freebies.

Polls & Questions are asked from time to time, and I usually give out cards for them.

Referring a member will get you two random femme cards.

Advancing will also get you many cards. Mastering decks and gaining levels will give a nice chunk of cards to help you master more decks and gain more levels.

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